Board 2021-2022

Lea Timmann


With three and a half years of kickboxing experience under her belt, Lea Timmann is excited to join the board for her third consecutive year, this time as our dedicated Chair.

A student from Germany, she completed her bachelors in psychology and is currently working for her faculty. Her favourite Deltaserat sport is “kickboxing, for sure”, where she can be seen keeping bigger opponents at bay with her deadly middle kicks. She fell in love with kickboxing when trying out Muay Thai in Germany and started training with Deltaserat right after moving to Groningen. After intense training you will find Lea in a corner of the dojo, getting in some well-deserved stretching. Stretching and yoga have recently become some of her ‘other-than-Delatserat hobbies’. 

On a more serious note, Lea has recently battled a serious injury, and after one year of rehab, she has finally returned to the sport she loves. Her advice on staying save in the dojo: “I had to learn, or am still learning, to not don’t push myself during every training”. It is safe to say that we should heed her advice, and check in with ourselves every day, especially during times of lockdown. As Lea loves winter and Christmas time her advice on getting through the new lockdown is to “just get a Christmas tree”. As she is quite familiar with our association, Lea will surely make a valuable addition to the board and this year.

Nica Bedoshvili

External affairs

A former Judoka from Germany, Nica Bedoshvili is joining our board for his second year as our External Affairs Manager.

When COVID permits, Nica never misses a grappling training, which allows him to keep a healthy mind and body during these bizarre times. His go-to moves are hip-throws and scarf holds, which Nica carried over from his early Judo days. Nica is always happy to help newcomers to the sport, and let me tell you, he is definitely the guy to go to for advice on how to get started with the sport and spar safely and controlled. A true nerd at heart, Nica studies medicine at RUG and spends his free time painting miniatures and playing board and computer games. In order to battle the ever-present COVID blues, Nica advises everyone to attend as many trainings as possible, when the restrictions permit, of course. Trainings keep your body moving and also provide a way to socialise with humans (and not those poor plants you constantly talk to at home). Otherwise, it’s important to have a few hobbies unrelated to Deltaserat that can keep you sane when you are house-bound.

Leonie Schwantzer


As this year’s Secretary, we have Leonie Schwantzer, another fellow German and Psychology student. She is one of the more recent Deltaserat members, ready to bring in new excitement and fresh ideas to the association. Reliable, responsible, and a dependable friend, Leonie joined kickboxing being inspired by her good friend Lea. And ultimately fell in love with it to the point that she was willing to dive into a board year headfirst. Her favourite sports is Kickboxing because of its energy and dynamic: “You are in a complete flow that makes you forgetting about everything else that keeps you awake at night – I love it.” Her go-to move in the sport is either a jab-hook or some middle kicks. When she is not training, you can find her at her friends’ place for studying or some coffee breaks. 

From previous sports, our secretary already got some serious injuries, such as a torn ligament on her left ankle. Thus, Leonie stresses the importance of being in tune with your body and knowing when to stop, preemptively (something she still works on as well). 

Her advice on battling the COVID blues is to call close family members or friends. “Especially that one friend you always meant to call back. Or maybe it’s finally time to practice playing the piano or guitar again – be creative!”

Veronica Bodescu 


Meet Veronica Bodescu, Deltaserat’s very own fire starter (I mean Treasurer)!

Don’t let her petite size fool you: Need some help carrying heavy furniture? Ask Veronica. Are you getting picked on by bullies at university/work? No worries, ask Veronica. Need to engineer a genetically designed computationally profound enzyme (or something along those lines)? Veronica is on her way. She has been a part of our big family for four years now, and if you haven’t seen her at training, it means you haven’t been at training. “Lightly punching friends” in her hometown in Romania has been one of Veronica’s hobbies before she joined Deltaserat, where she was able to become one of our most vicious training members. Her favourite sport is MMA, “because you can do everything there. If you have trouble grappling with your opponent, you start hitting them. If you have trouble striking, just throw them on the ground”. I know. She makes it sound way easier than it is. It’s no surprise that Veronica’s favourite music genre is metal, and her favourite type of movie is horror. Strictly with the lights off and strictly alone. She leaves us with some of the best advice: “Sometimes, life just sucks. Don’t force yourself to stay positive if you don’t feel like it. If you feel like being sad or angry, then let yourself feel it. And then find a way to deal with it”.

2020 - 2021

President: Sjouke de Vries

Secretary: Vlad Malai

Treasurer: Lea Timmann

External affairs: Nica Bedoshvili

Internal affairs: Kit-Yi Feng 

2019 - 2020

President: Bas Van Doorn

Secretary: Sameer Rodrigues

Treasurer: Lea Timmann

In-/external affairs: Olena Vasyltsova

2018 - 2019

President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Vlad Malai

2017 - 2018
President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Dasha Leshchynskaya

2016 - 2017
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Willard Holthof

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Internal affairs: Sander Hendriks

External affairs: Sietske Doorenbos

2015 - 2016
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2014 - 2015
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Floris Wolven

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2013 - 2014
President: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Vice-president: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Floris Wolven

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Lindsay de Villiers

2012 - 2013
Chairman: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Public relations: Isabelle van Ouderaa

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