Board ’20-’21

Sjouke de Vries


First and foremost, Sjouke de Vries, our new Chairman!

Those who have been with us for a while might remember seeing his awesome high-kick knockout at the first ever Dutch Combat Events. For the others: if you ever see a tall, lumbering Friesian walking around, it’s probably Sjouke. He is one of the youngest and best MMA fighters in Deltaserat, carrying the ‘undefeated’ title to date.

Alongside his training, Sjouke works as an IT Freelancer and is a first year in MSc Computing Science – Software Engineering and Distributed Systems. He has been part of the Deltaserat community since 2017 and has joined the board for the academic year 2020-21. During his (very limited) free time, Sjouke can be found on the back of his trusty iron steed, speeding down motorways (no worries, not higher than the 100kmph limit).

Deltaserat trainings can get pretty intense. Especially if you’re coming back from Christmas holidays, not everyone is prepared for Nabil’s workouts. But have no fear! Our chairman has a great training hack: pretend you’re tired, and make sure to slow down when Nabil looks over! If you’re lucky our trainer will have some pity. Sjouke’s least favorite part of training: “when a certain someone yells ‘1 more minute!’ and 2 minutes later you spot him across the dojo, fully immersed in a conversation with a passerby”. I think all members can relate to that one.

Nica Bedoshvili

External affairs

Nica Bedoshvili – our External Affairs Manager!

Nica is the silent but deadly grappler, executing the cleanest take downs with hip throws on his opponents. He was born in Germany but is ethnically Georgian, and studies medicine. He has a background in Judo, which explains his love and dedication to grappling. He joined the board in an attempt to give back to Deltaserat, after the club has given so much to him.

In his down time you can find Nica behind his computer, playing his favourite Warhammer 40k games. He is also the rare pineapple-pizza lover in our board. Although Nica has accomplished a lot in his grappling career (placing 3rd at Primal Games in the Netherlands), he has had his fair share of failures, beginning with cracking his nose on his own knee during his first grappling training. However, that never stopped him from persevering to become one of the best fighters in his field.

Nica’s advice for trainings: “do not eat a lot beforehand! And make sure to stay hydrated, you will feel and perform much better”. And never trust Nabil’s counting: if he says there’s 30 sec. left for an exercise, get ready to sweat profusely for the next 2 minutes.

Kit Yi Feng

Internal Affairs

Meet Kityi Feng, our passionate Internal Affairs Manager!

Kityi is a natural enthusiast when it comes to her passions, and in this case it’s Deltaserat. She came to the Netherlands at the age of 12, and is ethnically Chinese. She is majoring in Electrical Engineering and has been a part of the club for over 2 years now. As one of the most excitable, eager members of our club, you are sure to spot Kityi at every kickboxing training possible.

Deltaserat was Kityi’s first introduction to martial arts. The club has supported her through thick and thin, teaching her how to persevere from Day 1. The thing that Kityi loves most about Deltaserat is the ability to form deep connections with the members, to the point where she calls us ‘family’. Next to martial arts Kityi loves to swim and dabbles in landscape photography in her free time.

Want to feel like you’re flying in sparring? Then Kityi has a life hack for you! In order to find the exercises easier, she suggests adding weights to your arms and legs in the beginning of a workout. “Once you take them off, you’re basically a feather.” As with many kick boxers, Kityi’s go-to move is the hook, especially when used as a counter. Some of her favourite Deltaserat memories are of the fighting events. The feeling you get when you’re cheering our fighters on is indescribable, and is definitely worth the time and money. So if you’re a new member to our club, make sure to free up all your weekends in case there’s a fighter you need to support (after the pandemic, of course)

Lea Timmann



Welcome back to Lea Timmann as our trusty Treasurer!

Lea is a third year psychology student from Germany. She has been a member of Deltaserat for 2 years, of which she dutifully served on the board. Her involvement in martial arts began with Muay Thai back in Germany, which led her to become a dedicated kickboxer. Next to her devotion to Deltaserat and her studies, Lea spends every free minute with her best friend: the Canon 750D. Lea’s pictures comprise a large amount of all Deltaserat content; she’s always happy to photograph the most memorable moments for our fighters.

Lea believes that everyone should allow themselves a guilty pleasure, and her’s is definitely coffee. Since this is Lea’s second board year, she has plenty of funny board/Nabil stories. So if you would ever like to know something about one of the older members or our trainers, there’s a good chance Lea will have a story up her sleeve. One such story is how on-time Nabil is to board meetings: “Let’s meet at the sportsbar in 10 minutes, just gonna change real quick” – 30 minutes and 2 coffees later, Nabil is still at the entrance to the dojo, chatting up some members.

If you ever get the opportunity to spar with Lea you will notice her go-to move right away: she is very good at keeping distance with her mid-kicks. Her least favourite exercise is the wheelbarrow, which many people find challenging. Lea is one of the most die-hard members of the club: you’re sure to spot her at every fight, cheering our fighters on with her trusty camera tracking their every move.

Vlad Malai


Please welcome Vlad Malai as our new Secretary!

Vlad is from Moldova and has been in the martial arts world for 8 years. His experience and friendly attitude makes Vlad a very approachable board member: if you need any help regarding administration or just have a question on a certain technique, go ask Vlad! He has previously been a board member, and a core part of Deltaserat for 5 years.

Vlad is a C-class fighter with 4 wins behind him. From his first fight at the Frisian Warriors, everyone could see the potential in him. Don’t be fooled by his humbleness: Vlad is a machine in the kickboxing ring! His bread and butter in sparring is a jab followed by a right hook: it always manages to surprise his opponents. Apart from martial arts Vlad stays a well-rounded student; during his down time you can easily find him with a good book (probably something to do with physics/mathematics) and a cup of tea.

Vlad’s favourite quote from Nabil: “this is a knock-out combo guys!”. Some take-away training advice from our kickboxing secretary: always try harder when the trainer is watching you! And make sure to train with 80% of your capacity, that way you’re always pushing yourself to be better without hurting your partners.

2019 - 2020

President: Bas Van Doorn

Secretary: Sameer Rodrigues

Treasurer: Lea Timmann

In-/external affairs: Olena Vasyltsova

2018 - 2019

President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Vlad Malai

2017 - 2018
President: Tom Jalink

Secretary: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Treasurer: Lukas Dekker

In-/external affairs: Dasha Leshchynskaya

2016 - 2017
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Willard Holthof

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Internal affairs: Sander Hendriks

External affairs: Sietske Doorenbos

2015 - 2016
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Toni Hoenders

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Chen Wei Xwan Guo

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2014 - 2015
President: Rob Heidenrijk

Vice-president: Floris Wolven

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Willard Holthof

2013 - 2014
President: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Vice-president: Rob Heidenrijk

Secretary: Malou Luchtenberg

Treasurer: Floris Wolven

Internal affairs: Brendan Jager

Public relations: Lindsay de Villiers

2012 - 2013
Chairman: Martijn Zuiderbaan

Secretary: Rob Heidenrijk

Public relations: Isabelle van Ouderaa

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