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Become a member

To become a member of Deltaserat, you need to sign up through this website.

Experience with martial arts is not required. If you are not sure you want to join, you can first sign up for an MMA or kickboxing course. Ask at the ACLO-balie for more information.
You can also join 2 regular trainings for free to find out if you like MMA. You can choose any regular training you like, as long as you introduce yourself to the trainer or someone of the board before training starts. If you want to keep training after that, you need to become a member.


  • Members need to have an ACLO-activated student- or dispensation card.

Rules of conduct

  • Bad behavior in- or around the dojo will not be tolerated. Examples of bad behavior are: name calling, causing physical or material damage, unrespectful behavior towards members or the trainer. The association has the right to refuse further training to members that show this kind of behavior.
  • To ensure safety, the training material has to be of the right quality. For this reason all required training material will be purchased through the association, unless you can get the same quality material for a cheaper price somewhere else.
  • Members of other fight clubs are not allowed, except when they have permission from the trainer.
  • Wearing promotional material for fight clubs within the Netherlands, other than Deltaserat, is not allowed during training.  
  • Members are aware of the risks involved with full contact martial arts. We do our best to ensure a safe environment to practice this form of martial arts. Every member is however responsible for their own behavior. The association is not responsible for accidents during or after the training.


  • The membership fee is 15 euro per month, which will be taken from the account of the members by automatisch incasso to the Deltaserat bank account twice a year once in October(75€ for September - January)  and once in March(75€ for February - July) 
  • Monthly payment is possible, this does require a one time administrative fee of 15€ which will be taken from your account the first incasso. Please send us an email if you would like to use this possibility.
  • If this is to much for you to pay send us an email, Deltaserat grants a few students each year scholarships for training with us, but only upon showing proof of 'lack of money' and on review of the board/the trainer. If this doesn't apply to you, we also might be able to arrange spread payment.
  • The incasso will take place around the 26th day of the month, so after the 'Studiefinanciering'
  • Automatic incasso authorization can be revoked by sending an e-mail to " bestuur@deltaserat.com". The e-mail needs to be received by Deltaserat at least one month in advance.
  • Contribution will not be restituted without a valid reason.

To become a member of Deltaserat, you need to sign up through this website.